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Y Chromosome Test

Y-chromosome testing is performed when two or more male individuals want to confirm whether they have the same father or a common paternal relative.

When is a Y Chromosome Test needed?

Y-chromosome test using the DNA Diagnostics Center’s is performed to determine whether there are kinship relationships between two or more men. This test directly compares the DNA of one man with the DNA of another man to check whether they are related in the male line. This is the difference between this test and the analysis of the male lineage, which determines the hereditary group of the halo based on only one DNA.

How to make a DNA test

Step-by-step instruction
1. Make an order

You can submit an online application or place an order by contacting our online consultant or by calling us.

2. Sample Collection

You need to collect DNA samples yourself. Watch our tutorial video to find out how to do this.

3. Service payment

You can also make a payment by using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard.

4. Analysis result

When the analysis is done you can get the result by mail or phone.

Video isntruction

How to collect DNA samples yourself?

This tutorial video will help you to collect samples of materials for a DNA test and send them to our laboratory.

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More about DNA Test

How accurate is a Y-chromosome test compared to a paternity test?

A Y-chromosome test is as accurate as a paternity test, although the credibility of the results varies more. If you have any questions, we will give you a free consultation with our specialist.