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Legal Paternity Testing

DNA test for legal proof of paternity.

Test for determining paternity, child support and custody

This test is done for legal confirmation of paternity, because the usual paternity test is not accepted by the court. The judicial system requires a certain process. Genetson Lab has extensive experience in the field of legal paternity testing. Reasons for Legal Paternity Testing
  • child support;
  • custody;
  • birth certificate;
  • immigration;
  • adoption;
  • tax forms;
  • inheritance rights;
  • and etc.
If you need a test for legal confirmation of paternity, contact our specialists by phone or through the online form.

How to make a DNA legal paternity test?

Step-by-step instruction
1. Make an order

You can submit an online application or place an order by contacting our online consultant or by calling us.

2. Sample Collection

You need to collect DNA samples yourself. Watch our tutorial video to find out how to do this.

3. Service payment

You can also make a payment by using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard.

4. Analysis result

When the analysis is done you can get the result by mail or phone.

Video isntruction

How to take samples on your own? Video instruction

This video instruction will help you independently collect samples of materials for the DNA paternity test and send them to our laboratory.

Order an analysis in our laboratory, we will quickly provide fast and accurate results.
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More about legal paternity testing

What is the difference between Legal and Non Legal DNA Testing?

A legal paternity test is accepted in a lawsuit because it ensures that the test was collected and administered by a neutral third party. This means that the person who collects the samples has no interest in the result of the test. Furthermore, during legal paternity testing, a chain of custody must be maintained at all times.

Customer reviews

Jim Svenson

Easy and fast service, excellent feedback. This is very important for this type of service.

Jim Svenson

Easy and fast service, excellent feedback. This is very important for this type of service.